Compound Slideshows Announcement

Announcing the release of the long-awaited and highly-requested feature of Compound Slideshows.

Daniel Miradakis - Dec 03, 2023


It's about time!

I am thrilled to announce that, after many long months of waiting and planning, I have finally released Compound Slideshows for Displagent! Early Adopters have been asking for this feature since the first days of Displagent, so it feels wonderful to finally have this feature released!

What Are Compound Slideshows?

Compound Slideshows are a special slideshow type in Displagent that allow you to combine multiple Report Slideshows and/or multiple Dashboard Slideshows together into master/multi-component slideshows. This comes with several benefits, such as being able to create one slideshow that spans multiple Power BI reports, multiple Power BI dashboards, or multiple Power BI workspaces.

Compound Slideshow Example

For example, pretend for a moment that you run a large manufacturing company. You have created a Power BI report and accompanying Report Slideshow in Displagent for your Welding Department, your Maintenance Department, and your Shipping Department. Each department may have their respective slideshow mounted up and displayed on a TV already, but what if you want to combine all of this information together and mount a TV in the manager's office?

You can now create a Compound Slideshow that contains each of the three Report Slideshows and display them together in a continuous rotation.

Compound Slideshow Mechanics

A Compound Slideshow is extremely intelligent: it launches the first subslideshow - such as a Report Slideshow - in fullscreen mode, detects when the slideshow reaches the end of its rotation cycle, and then immediately exits fullscreen mode of the first slideshow and enters fullscreen mode of the next slideshow. It does this repeatedly, looping through each slideshow until it resets to the first one, until you terminate the Compound Slideshow.

And don't worry: if you setup a refresh interval for your Report Slideshow, the Compound Slideshow will execute the refresh action to keep it up to date.

How To Access Compound Slideshows

The new Compound Slideshows feature is very easy to find. Just expand the Slideshows nav item on the app's navbar, and you will see Compound Slideshows appear at the bottom now.

However, I have a full guide and detailed docs on Compound Slideshows and how to build them. Check out the official guide on the docsite to learn more.

I want to thank everyone for their incredible patience while I have developed this critical feature! I am, again, so very thrilled to release this feature to you.

Time to get building!

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