The premium featureset for Power BI slideshows and digital signage.

Desktop Application

Displagent is not a web application that you have to run from a browser. Rather, it's a desktop application, enhanced for an unattended, kiosk experience.

Cross platform

Unlike the rest of the Power BI ecosystem, Displagent is not Windows-only. Instead, Displagent is cross-platform, so feel free to run it on either Windows or Linux devices.

Raspberry Pi

Since Displagent is cross-platform and is meant to be a kiosk-like app, it pairs perfectly with a Raspberry Pi. Get a reliable, powerful kiosk setup for the fractional cost of a Raspberry Pi device.

Automatic Visual Updates

You might be surprised to learn that Power BI struggles immensely with automatic visual updates. Even worse, visual updates don't work with the recommended storage mode, Import Mode. Worry not, Displagent forces visuals to automatically update without user interaction. And it works perfectly with Import Mode.

Realtime Data

Do you have critical data that needs to be consumed in realtime? No problem, Displagent covers all of the bases: you can use Power BI streaming dashboards, Automatic Page Refresh, Direct Query, and even Import Mode scheduled refreshes (my personal favorite) with Displagent.

Pixel Perfect

Unlike competitors, Displagent does a live embedding of your Power BI content. This means you never have pixelation, scaling, or rendering problems on your displays - your visuals always appear just the way you want them to.

Power BI Premium Not Required

Unlike many other digital signage solutions, Displagent does not require Power BI Premium or even Premium Per User. If you have Power BI Pro, that's all you need - no need to drastically increase your budget.

Microsoft Integrations

Displagent now offers two forms of Microsoft Integrations, the Standard (default) Integration and Advanced Integration. You are free to choose which you like, and the Standard Integration is dead simple to setup and easy to use.

Local Encrypted Credentials

Because Displagent is a desktop app, it will store and encrypt your sensitive Azure credentials locally. No need to store your credentials in some other company's database, they stay on your machine in your control.

Multifactor Authentication Compatible

Does your company have a strict, no-exceptions multifactor authentication (MFA) requirement? Displagent's Standard Microsoft Integration is MFA-compatible, so your IT department should be pleased!

No Login Timeouts

With Displagent's meticulously-crafted Advanced Microsoft Integration, you will never experience a login timeout or annoying popup box. Your Microsoft authentication is self-sustaining, uninterrupted, and reliable.

Report Slideshows

You won't find this in any other digital signage app: hand-craft slideshows piece by piece from your Power BI reports. Select one Power BI Report and order each Report Page/Tab for a tailored slideshow experience.

Report Bookmarks Supported

Do you use advanced sets of Report Bookmarks in your Power BI Reports? So do I, so Report Slideshows support both Report Pages/Tabs and Report Bookmarks.

Slide Duration

Most solutions force you to use one duration interval for all slides. In Displagent, you can assign a custom duration for each individual slide in your Report Slideshow, just like Powerpoint.

Refresh Interval

Assign a recurring refresh interval (in seconds) to your Report Slideshow. Displagent can provide a refresh up to every 15 seconds and supports Import Mode, Direct Query, Live Connection, and Automatic Page Refresh.

Easy Slide Reordering

Want to reorder a slideshow's contents? No problem, just click and drag each slideshow item up or down on a table to easily reorder your slideshow.

Dashboard Slideshows

Do you pin visuals from your Power BI Reports to Power BI Dashboards? No problem, you can also create Dashboard Slideshows. Arguably even easier to create than Report Slideshows!

Pageview Type

Select a PageView Type for your Dashboard Slideshow to optimize your viewing experience. Choose from fitToWidth, oneColumn, or actualSize - right from the Power BI Javascript SDK.

Compound Slideshows

Displagent's most-requested feature: combine multiple Report Slideshows and Dashboard Slideshows together. This allows you to display content from multiple Power BI reports, dashboards, and workspaces in one place.

Slideshow Repairs

Sometimes Power BI visuals encounter transient errors (render fails, visual timeouts, etc.) which can interrupt your slideshow. Fortunately, Displagent ships a self-repair module where slideshows automatically attempt to repair themselves if an error appears - all without having to bother you.

Autostart & Autolaunch

Want Displagent to open on machine startup? What about after a reboot or power loss? No problem, activate Autostart and Autolaunch inside of Displagent and have the application open up and activate a slideshow type and slideshow of your choosing.


Don't want to deal with app updates? Me neither, so Displagent ships with an automatic updates toggle for your convenience. It will periodically check for updates, and if it finds any, it will shutdown, install, and relaunch all on its own! Perfect with the Autostart and Autolaunch features.

Founder Support

I run Displagent as a solo, bootstrapped software founder, so if you have any issues, feature requests, or anything else, you get to interact directly with the founder - me!

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